2017 Festival Day

The 2017 festival will be Friday, March 17, 2017.  It will be held at First Covenant Church in Salina, Kansas. The festival concert will begin at 7:00 pm.
The day of the Festival is a full one! Please get plenty of rest the nights prior to the Festival and plan to arrive refreshed and ready to learn, have fellowship and minister in the name of Jesus. 

Download a schedule and instructions for the day here

Bring water bottles. You sing best when you are well hydrated. 

Many people bring a “sack lunch” to eat at the church in the Fellowship Hall at noon. Others enjoy going out to eat at one of the nearby restaurants or fast food places. 

The evening meal is provided as part of the registration fee. If a family member or friend is planning to eat with us (but not sing) they will need to register for the meal only and pay the small fee for the food. Food and refreshments throughout the day are provided to registered singers as part of the registration fee. 

The Golden Belt Festival has long enjoyed a reputation as a gathering of young people and their parents who sincerely want to learn how to sing better. Discipline in general has not been an issue and we want to encourage each of us to continue in this tradition!

Please invite neighbors, friends and relatives to enjoy the free evening concert for the public!