Golden Belt Vocal Festival 2017

The 2017 Golden Belt Vocal Festival will be held March 17 at First Covenant Church, Salina, Kansas. The concert will be held at 7:00 pm. Mr. Eddie Creer will be the director. See Here for more details.

Welcome to the Golden Belt Vocal Festival!

Greater than 60 voices, concentrated choral instruction, an expert director, all united to glorify Jesus — combine to create the Golden Belt Vocal Festival!

This regional event is held annually in the spring in Salina, Kansas. Home-educated students and their parents, family and friends gather for a day of instruction in vocal and choral technique under the direction of a Master Clinician.

zqVr-MhOQFfhMkC4h6sDXH7Yks4FbJuheMdJ_ug3JVo,H7CBgDacQoglrhxDhC12_RSVX5qUplNi569s7zw9fQwThe festival is an all-day event which culminates in a public evening concert. We have four evening rehearsals the month before the festival.

The festival is open to ages 13 through adults. It is for home school students and Christian school students who do not have an opportunity to sing in a larger choir. Young adults who have          “graduated” are also welcome.

We especially encourage parents to sing with their children to make the festival a “family event.” Children learn to sing by singing with adults. So we encourage parents, grandparents and other adults to sing in the festival to make a better learning environment for their children.

And it is thrilling to sing in a large choir with good voices.

To sing in the festival, you must be able to match pitches. You don’t have to be able to read music. We post recordings online for you to learn at home. If you can sing along in tune with the recordings, you can sing in the festival.

The festival’s purpose is:LU8V6tsMyEyaA02cKkUAlETxBu14JjXXJj0JXFrfZsg,r9tdDHo6KUJjFriJ8AkvBA3I_uNO40CxAtG1VwFi6Qc

  • To glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
  • To encourage excellence in music,
  • To encourage fellowship among home educators and their families in Kansas, and
  • To be a good example of home education to the public.

The Golden Belt Festival was originally held in Syracuse, Kansas, in 1992, then moved to Great Bend for several years. It has been held annually in Salina since 1999. Click here for more history.

Become a part of the festival’s rich heritage and bring your family to sing. Register today.

Click here for information on the upcoming festival.